Appendix: Information on System Capacity, Reliability, and Redundancy

Rediker Software has partnered with an established communication vendor that offers an Application Program Interface (API) that allowed us to create AdminPlus Notify as an embedded solution. The jobs are submitted over web service using a secure https connection.

For voice calling, there is system-wide capacity of making nearly 5,000 simultaneous calls. There is no guarantee of the time it takes to complete any voice job because it is completely dependent on the number of pending phone calls in the system at any moment in time. This would mean that if there were no other calls in the system to route and someone submitted a job to 5,000 phone numbers, the calls could potentially all ring at the same time. On the other hand, if every school in the northeast is making calls to cancel school because of a blizzard, it may take several minutes before any calls occur.

Unlike many of our competitors, our partner does not impose any maximum call recording length. Our partner offers a geographically dispersed architecture between Santa Clara, CA; New York, NY; and Toronto, ON. Our partner also offers multiple carriers for voice and SMS services at any one time for failover capabilities. Should an outage occur either at the data center level or the carrier level, failover to secondary data centers or carriers is automatic.

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