Scores and Grading: Submit a Gradebook

Depending on your school's policy, you may be required to submit your gradebooks to the main office for each marking period. There are many benefits to submitting grades using the Submit feature, including:

  • Indicating to the main office that you have finalized grades for a marking period.
  • Enabling TeacherPlus to inform you of any assignment columns currently not counting in the average (in case you intended all assignments to count in the average).
  • Ensuring that all marking period grades, as well as the semester and/or final grade column(s), are up to date by recalculating the grades.

Submitting grades may be optional depending on your school's policy, so be sure you check if this process is required from you.

To submit a gradebook, do the following:

  1. On the side navigation menu, click Submit.
  2. Click Submit next to the desired marking period and then click Yes.

Before you submit a gradebook, its status is Not Ready. After submitting a gradebook, the status changes to Ready (in green text) and displays the date you submitted the gradebook. If the office has received the marking period gradebook, the status changes to Received (also in green text) and displays the date the office received the gradebook. Once the office has received your gradebook, you can Submit again without clicking Un-Submit first.


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