Score Annotations: Enter a Score Annotation

Annotation codes from the Score Annotations tab are available to supplement scores in your gradebook. You can add these codes using Annotation Mode and the Enter Annotation from List option. If you're entering score annotations for a number of students, see Advanced Annotation Entry.

Enter Manually Using Annotation Mode

With Annotation Mode, you can manually enter score annotations into score columns.

In Thin Column Mode, score columns can display only scores or score annotations, regardless of the column width. If Annotation Mode is enabled, score columns only display score annotations. If Annotation Mode is disabled, score columns only display score values. To view both at the same time, switch back to Standard Mode.

  1. On the Gradebook Toolbar, do one of the following:
    • in the Modes group box, click the Annotation toggle button.
    • Right-click a score column cell, and then click Enable Annotation Mode.
  1. Click a score cell, begin entering the student's score annotation, select the annotation from the drop-down list, and then press Enter.

Enter an Annotation from a List

If you want to see all score annotation options while you enter annotations into your gradebook assignment score columns, you can consult the annotation list and add annotations from there.

To enter an annotation from your annotation list, do the following:

  1. Right-click the score column cell you want to annotate, and then click Enter Annotation from List.
  2. Click an annotation in the Score Annotations dialog box, and then click Select.

    You can also double click the score annotation you want to enter.

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