One Staff: Attendance

The Staff Attendance collapsed view keeps the top tiles (Profile, Daily Attendance, Schedule, and Latest Portfolio Files) in view and displays Daily at the bottom.  

Edit features are only available if the AdminPlus Supervisor has requested edit from and has selected to edit Attendance in

Please refer to the diagram and table below for additional information about the features of the Staff Attendance screen:

One Staff: Attendance
Attendance tab.
Select Summary View to see Summary Register code totals and dates, Detailed View for Attendance code totals and dates and Attendance Statistics.
Select List View to see all the dates in the selected calendar and view/edit staff's Attendance codes, comments, and letters.
Calendar View will be coming in a future release.
Click the gear icon  to change the custom date range.
Click the expand icon to see the Daily Attendance expanded view which displays the staff picture, name, and three selected demographic fields from the profile widget. The top tiles are hidden so more attendance can be viewed. Once expanded the screen will stay in that mode, to return to the condensed view click on the collapse icon.

Expanded Daily Attendance Summary View

Edit Daily Attendance from the List view

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