Customize Views: Sort the Data in the Lookup Screen

You can sort the data in the Lookup screen by two or more demographics using Advanced Sort.

To sort the data by a single demographic, click the column header of the demographic on the Lookup screen. This demographic is also used to search for students or staff members.

  1. On the Shortcut bar, click .
  2. In the upper-left of the Lookup screen, click Students or Staff.
  3. In the lower-left of the Lookup screen, in the Current View drop-down list, select the view containing the data you want to sort.
  4. In the upper-right of the Lookup screen, click Advanced Sort [Alt+T].

  5. In the Sort by drop-down list, select the primary demographic to sort the data by. This demographic is also used to search for students or staff members. Choose to sort the data in Ascending or Descending order.

  6. In the Then by drop-down lists, select additional demographics to sort the data by in the order you want them applied. For example, in the image above, the data will be sorted by gender before name. For each additional demographic selected, choose to display its data in Ascending or Descending order.

    To clear a setting, click .

  7. Click Done [F10].

    When you make changes to a view, in the Current View drop-down list, CUSTOM appears. If you don't want to save the changes, switch from CUSTOM back to the view you were sorting.

  8. To save your changes, in the lower-right of the Lookup screen, do either of the following:

    If you made changes to the Default_Students or Default_Staffview, you can only save your changes to a new view.

    • To save your changes to the current view, click  Save View As 'View Name'.
    • To save your changes to a new view, click  Save As New View, type a name for the view, and then click Save [F10].

On the Lookup screen, the column headers of demographics being used for sorting are italicized. If you want to undo the advanced sort, click a column header that is not italicized. If all the column headers are italicized, click Advanced Sort [Alt+T], click Clear All [F7], and then click Done [F10]. Once the advanced sort is undone, click the column header of the demographic you want to sort and search by in the view. To save your changes, click Save View As 'View Name'.

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