Commonly Asked Questions (FAQ's)

When is Ericom going away? users will not be required to login to Ericom to access AdminPlus by the end of 2024. All AdminPlus users will continue to have access to the classic Administrator’s Plus via Ericom for all of the 2024-2025 school year.  

Is there a date where users can no longer access classic Administrator’s Plus via Ericom?

A date has not yet been set. During this transition, we want to allow our customers time to familiarize themselves with the new platform to allow for a smooth and seamless transition.  We will reassess the timing of this in the fall of 2024.

Do schools still need to register as early adopters to use

Any school can start using Your school Supervisor assigns individual user access to after your setup is completed. Please see Get Started with for more information!

Will training be necessary for the new site? 

We encourage all customers to start familiarizing themselves with the new platform by using it. It has been designed to be an even more intuitive experience so little training will be needed. User Guides are available, and we will be adding other training support such as videos and webinars to get everyone up to speed.

Is Two-factor authentication required?

Yes, Two-factor authentication is used on the AP Mobile app and, so it is important that users have access to the email account being used as their username. 

I would like to request editing capability, but the other users are not early adopters.  

Early adoption is by school, and it is not dependent on which users are using it. To get started with edit capability, please have the Administrator's Plus Supervisor contact us at if the school wants to use edit mode in

Can our school edit in both classic Administrator’s Plus and 

Edit capability is at the module level for the whole school and can only be turned on by the Supervisor for classic Administrator’s Plus or If a module is selected to be edited in the classic Administrator’s Plus edit screens for the module will be disabled and show a reminder pop-up that edit should be done in

Can we be switched over entirely to the updated version? 

You can switch over to edit functionality by module as the modules become available. Currently, editing functionality is available for Daily and Period Attendance, Report Cards, Incidents, Demographics, Contacts, Portfolio and SuperDB Tables. The remaining modules with edit functionality will be released over the next several months. Communications will be sent out with each release.

What are the plans for AP Notify? 

We are planning to improve the AP Notify experience. Currently AP Notify is already available on the AdminPlus Mobile App. The ability to Send from will be added later this year

Do you have any information on how permissions for users/security will be set up with the upgrade to the online version? 

In keeping with our goal of improving workflow we will be combining the features accessible to classic Administrator’s Plus Supervisor, GB Manager, and PlusPortal Admin into a new “Setup Center” which will also have an area for User Management.   

Where can I edit Views?

Creating and updating any existing views is completed in classic Administrator's Plus. Views can be sorted and filtered quickly in but those changes will not be saved. Custom demographic date fields display as text in views for now until the field properties are defined in the Setup Center. Views filtered for multiple grade levels only show two grade levels. We will be providing an update to support more than two selections for validated fields such as Grade Level.

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