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Non-Hosted customers who have started using, and have also allowed users to edit data on the web, can choose to setup a Scheduled Task within Windows that will automatically receive the changes made in This setup is an optional convenience for non-hosted schools and is specifically designed to streamline the sync process with

If your school is not yet setup for Edit, email to request this.

To receive the data on demand, this can be completed in the TeacherPlus Setup & Sync Manager at any time under Tools > TeacherPlus Setup & Sync Manager > Under Receive In Administator's Plus select Changes Only (Since Last Receive). When the sync is complete, a message will appear stating the sync was successful. You can view the log for more details.


  • Administrator's Plus must be on the latest version (Version or newer). If the latest version is not currently installed, you can download here: Application Downloads
  • The Administrator's Plus client must be installed on the machine where the Scheduled Task will be running. Alternatively, if you cannot install on a server, this can be setup on a workstation that is always logged into the network.
    Most schools will already have this installed on the server.
  • The user account you select to use to run the scheduled task from must have Admin rights, or rights to the Task Scheduler.

This Scheduled Task process is for Windows 10. This can be completed on another OS such as Windows Server 2012.

  1. Go to Start and search for Scheduler and select the Task Scheduler.
  2. Select the Task Scheduler Library and Right Click to create a New Folder.
    Give this folder a unique name. In this example the folder will be named APCOM.
  3. On the right under Actions, select Create Task.
  4. The Create Task window will open. See details below for the settings for each tab:
    • General:
      • Name: Choose a unique name for the task. In this example, the task is named for the exe. This file is located here \RS4\PROGS if you would like to name the task the same.
      • Description (Optional): Explain what this task is for.
      • Security Options: 
        • Change User to select another user.
        • Select Run whether user is logged on or not.
        • Configure For: Select the OS this is being configured for
    • Triggers: Click New Trigger.
      • In the New Trigger dialog box set the following:
        • Set a frequency.
        • Start date and time.
        • Under Advanced Settings, choose how often the task repeats.

          If your school does not want to run this as often as every hour, you could also setup multiple Triggers that each run 1 time during the day. For example, set one to run at 7 AM, 12 PM, then again at 4 PM.

    • Action:
      • Select New.
      • Select Start a Program for the Action.
      • In Program/script, enter the UNC Path of where AP_SyncBackFromAPCom.exe is located.
      • In Add Arguments, enter the UNC Path up to the RS4 folder and add type -s to run in silent mode.
    • Conditions: No need to change to the default settings, but we do advise to look these settings to be sure they are right for your setup.
    • Settings:
      • For Stop the task if it runs longer than: select a time lower than the interval set on the Triggers tab.
        If you set this task up to run every 1 hour, choose a time under that, such as 45 Minutes.
  5. Select Ok to save your changes. If the user you selected to have the task run under is not currently logged in, you will be prompted to enter the password.

The scheduled task will now run at the times selected.

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