Release 2.5

We've released several new features, improvements, and feature fixes for This update also requires an update to classic Administrator's Plus so non-hosted schools will need to install the latest service pack. 

Schools that are using and want to use edit mode should e-mail so we can set up the process that will bring the data into classic Administrator's Plus. This service will not be visible to users but will keep classic Administrator's Plus updated with the edits made in

Highlights of this update include:

New Features
SuperDB EditSuperDB Edit has been added for Student/Staff SuperDB Tables.
Report Card TileYou can now view student grades. You may select up to 2 Marking Periods to view at a time.
School Demographics: School Information TileDemographics has been added to the School page. This tab will display your School Information.
Add Calendar DayCalendar Days can now be added from
Line Schedule optionYou can now choose to display the Line Schedule in the Schedule tile.
Rotation Day SelectionYou can now choose which rotation day to view on the Grid Schedule.
Course and Section detailsWhen viewing the Line Schedule, Course and Section Details can be viewed.
Add from existing contactsAdd New Contact displays the number of contacts in the student's household, the number with the same last name, and the number of all contacts. Select from those options to link a student to an existing contact.
Feature Fixes
Staff/Student Export unable to remove fieldEven after removing a field from Selected Fields, the field would remain in the Selected column. This has been fixed. Fields will move from Selected to Available without issue.
Master Contacts Sheet NameThe sheet name was incorrectly named Staff Data. This has been corrected.

New Features

SuperDB Edit

SuperDB Tables can now be edited in SuperDB Tables can be accessed from both views, One Student and Multiple Students. To edit, choose the SuperDB Table Tab > Select the Table. If One Student option is selected, click to edit the record. If Multiple Students is selected, look up the student(s) you want to edit and select  to edit the record.

Generic SuperDB tables will still need to be edited in classic Administrator's Plus.

One Student

Multiple Student

Report Card Tile

On the One Student Snapshot view, a Report Card tile has been added to view student grades. You can view up to 2 Marking Periods at a time. To choose which Marking Periods to use, select . In the Select Marking Periods box, select the marking period in the Available Fields column and click to move to the Selected Fields column. To remove a marking period from the Selected Fields column, select the marking period and click to move to the Available Fields column.

The GPA tile has been removed temporarily until we introduce a privacy feature to allow the user to hide GPA if needed.

School Demographics: School Information Tile

Demographics has been added to the School tab. Demographics currently only displays the School Information tile.

This is still edited in classic Administrator's Plus under Data Base > Cust DB > 1. School Information.


Add Calendar Day

The option to Add a Calendar Day is now available in This can be completed from School > Daily or Period Attendance. Select +Add Date. 

Adding the date in classic Administrator's Plus is no longer an option when Edit is enabled for Attendance.

Line Schedule option

Select to choose to display the Line Schedule in the Schedule Tile.

Rotation Day Selection

On the One Student > Schedule view, you can now select which day in the rotation to view. This is also the day the Schedule Tile will follow.

Course and Section details

When viewing a student’s Line Schedule, you can now view Course and Section Details. Select to open the Course and Section Details window.

Add from existing contacts

In addition to adding a new contact, you can now link an existing contact to a student. You can choose one of the following options:

  • Copy contacts from a student from within the same household: If any contacts from the same household exists, the  number of unique contacts found will show.
  • Copy contacts from another student with the same last name: If any students have the same last name, the number of unique contacts found will show.
  • Copy a contact from all contacts: The amount of contacts that exists on the master contact list will appear .

Click an option to view the Contact Full Name, Primary Email, Home Phone and students they are linked to.
Select the Contact and click Next to add the Relationship and Save the contact to the student.  

Feature Fixes

Staff/Student Export unable to Remove Field

Fixed an issue where fields being moved from Selected Fields to Available Fields were remaining in the Selected Fields column. 

Master Contacts Sheet Name

Corrected the Sheet name in Excel. When exporting the Master Contacts data, the sheet name was Staff Data. This has been updated to Master Contacts.

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