Duplicate Email Error: How to use the same email address for two AdminPlus User names

In AdminPlus, users may have access to the Supervisor username, as well as their own username. Plus Addressing enables the creation of unique, receive-only email aliases that extend from your main email address. To utilize AdminPlus.com and the AdminPlus Mobile app, a valid email address must be linked to receive the two-factor authentication (2FA) email during login, ensuring you receive the necessary code.

Plus Addressing can be used with Microsoft Exchange and Gmail. Please note that this feature might not be accessible or activated for your school's domain. We advise consulting your internal IT department to verify its availability. If this option is not available, a different email address will need to be used such as office@yourschool.com.

Here's how it works:

  1. Assume your email address is jdoe@company.com.
  2. With plus addressing, you have the flexibility to enhance your email address by adding a plus sign (+) immediately after the local part (jdoe), followed by a custom tag.

    You can use something like +admin. Your Plus Addressing email address would look something like this: jdoe+admin@company.com.

  3. This email address can now be entered into classic Administrator's Plus under File > Users/Security (Enhanced) > 1. Manage Users.

You can now login to AdminPlus.com with these email addresses, while still receiving the 2FA email in the same inbox.


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