School: Incidents


On the School > Incidents tab, you can receive incidents from the holding bin, as well as use the Fast Served option to automatically enter time served for an action.

School: Incidents
Incidents tab.
The Receive Incidents widget displays the number of Submitted, Approved, and Deleted incidents. Select the expand icon  to open the holding bin.

See Approval Center: Incidents for more information about receiving incidents.

Fast Served widget displays 4 Outstanding Actions. Select the gear icon  to edit the date range and select which four Actions display.

Select the expand icon  to run the Fast Served Processed. For more information about this service, see Fast Served: Batch Enter Time Served for an Action.
Selecting the Fast Served Logs button displays a summary of Fast Serve batch entries:
  • Served Code
  • Served Date
  • Number of Students
  • User who completed the Batch
  • Date

To export any batch to excel, highlight the selected batch > select View Log. 

Fast Served: Batch Enter Time Served for an Action

From the School > Incidents page, users can batch enter time served by selecting the expand icon and do the following:

  1. The Fast Served: Settings window opens. Configure these settings based on the Outstanding Action you would like to update.
    • Select an Outstanding Action.
    • Enter a number for Greater Than.
    • Set the Incidents Date Range. 
    • Select which Grade Level(s) to include.
  2. Select Continue.
  3. The students found matching the previously entered criteria will appear.
  4. On the Fast Served page, the Search Criteria is listed on the left. Select  to make changes to the search criteria.
  5. Select a Served Code in the drop down and enter a Served Date.
    On default, the current date is entered.
  6. Select the students who served the action or click the checkmark  in the heading next to APID to select all students.
  7. Click Update Selected. 
  8. A confirmation message appears. Click Done. The Incidents Fast Served Log also auto download to an Excel file.

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