Multi-School Organizational URLs for PlusPortals &

Multi-School Organizational URLs

For organizations managing multiple schools, we offer the ability to consolidate access with an organizational URL for PlusPortals. Many schools currently use this feature, which allows users across multiple schools to login to their organizational URL. An Organizational URL is also available for Schools can use their individual URL or use the new Organizational URL whichever they prefer.

Benefits of an Organizational URL for PlusPortals

  • Convenience for Multi-School Users: Staff with access to multiple schools can log in with an Organizational URL. Once logged in they select which school/role they want to use.
  • Streamlined Access for Parents: Parents with children in different schools can easily switch between their student profiles without logging out or switching URLs. This functionality works through both the centralized organizational URL and individual school URLs.
  • Organization specific login: If your organization doesn't have a designated "school" for your central office, we strongly recommend creating one to serve as your base school. This provides a centralized platform for managing communications, including a customizable login screen with your logo, custom messages, announcements, calendar events, and resources. This is particularly beneficial for RediSite customers, as dynamic content for your organization is managed within PlusPortals and then integrated into your school website.
  • Access to an Organizational URL - Having an organizational URL for PlusPortals also allows your organization to have an organizational URL for

Benefits of an Organizational URL for

  • Convenience for Multi-School Users: Staff with access to multiple schools can log in using the organizational URL, instead of having to bookmark multiple school URL.
  • AdminPlus Mobile App District Mode: AdminPlus Users with APNotify permission to multiple schools can use the “District Mode” features in the AdminPlus Mobile App to send messages to recipients in multiple schools at the same time.

What is involved in the setup?

If your organization is interested in having organizational URLs for PlusPortals and, please contact to get started. Any school can join the organization, regardless of their hosting status or household setup. The only requirements are the approval of the organization's leadership and the school's agreement to participate.

Setting up a new portal does not create an additional PlusPortalAdmin account. Instead, it merges all the existing PlusPortalsAdmin accounts into one account. This process will invalidate the existing passwords for the other schools' PlusPortalAdmin accounts.

To ensure they retain administrative control over their school's accounts, permissions, communications, and the overall design of their PlusPortals,The PlusPortalAdmin for each school must create an Admin Account in PlusPortals using their email address for a login. The only settings they will no longer have access to are a few security settings listed under Manage Accounts > Account Management Settings which are typically set up once and tend to reflect the overall security polices of the organization. These settings will be controlled solely by the PlusPortalAdmin account for the organization.

  • Hide temporary passwords

  • Allow admin users to see temporary passwords 

  • Security: Enable Two-Factor Authentication.

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