Google Classroom and TeacherPlus Gradebook: Friend or Foe?

Google Classroom and the TeacherPlus Gradebook / Portals combo have many similar features. You would think it's a "one or the other" situation, but is that true?

Or can they play together... or even play nice together?

Join Ted Chmura, Technical Sales Manager at Rediker Software, to explore the impact of using these great classroom tools together and find out:

  • What is the link between Google Classroom and TeacherPlus Gradebook?
  • How class rostering in Google Classroom is made easier using this link
  • What is the score pass-back feature and what does it do?
  • Why you might not want to use this feature
  • What it takes to get started with this link

Learn more about the "LINK" by visiting our Documentation Hub:

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