Multiple Students: Lookup View

The Lookup screen is displayed by default when you toggle to Multiple Students. On the Lookup screen, you can view a table of student demographic data, apply filters to view a subset of the data, and sort the data. You can also view or edit information for a selected student by clicking the expand icon in the table or the single student view panel on the left.

Multiple Students: Lookup

The initial View is DEFAULT_STUDENTS but other views saved in Administrator's Plus can be selected.

Search for a student by the demographic field selected on the Lookup screen. The default is Name "Contains" which will search for the sequence of characters. Click on "Contains" to toggle to "Begins with" to search by the initial characters in the student demographic selected. Click the search icon  to filter the list based on the search criteria. Click x to reset the search.

Click a column header to sort the data and search by that demographic field.

Click the filter icon to filter the data. A checkmark above the filter indicates a filter has been applied.

To include Inactive students check the box. This setting also applies to the One Student list.


Click Export to export the view into Excel.

Choose the page to view and the number of Rows Per Page to display.
The number of students on the page and total number in the view is displayed. 
The Single Student View panel on the left contains the student's picture, name, address, 2 selected fields, alert indicator, Household count, household contact names, Daily Attendance statistics, Today's attendance status, last attendance status and Schedule at the moment. Click the expand icon on the top right of the panel or expand icon on the lookup row to view the student's snapshot.  

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