The Course Request Process

The course request process is performed in the following order:

Before starting the course request process, see Course Request Settings and select the year you want to make changes to.

  1. You review your course request settings to make sure your changes are made in the correct year.
  2. You create a group of courses to add to a course request form.
  3. You create a course request form.
  4. Optional: You can recommend courses for students to take or remove course recommendations.
  5. Optional: You can add or copy course descriptions to the Course Catalog.
  6. You publish the form for students to complete.
  7. Students complete the course request form.
  8. If parents want, they can approve and comment on their child's course selections.
  9. You review, approve, and send the course request form to AdminPlus, where the office receives it for processing.

Create a Course Request Form

Publish Course Request Forms

Review and Approve Course Requests

Additional Information

For additional information that may be relevant to your process, see the following topics:


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