Course Requests: Review and Approve Course Requests for Several Students

After a student has completed a course request form, you must review and approve the course requests to send them to Administrator's Plus.

To review and approve course requests for several students at once, follow these steps:

  1. On the navigation bar, click Setup > Course Requests > Review Requests.
  2. In the Select Course Request Form drop-down list, select the form you want to review.
  3. Select the students whose courses you want to approve.
  4. Click Approve Selected Course Requests to send the course requests to Administrator's Plus.

The following diagram and table explain the main features of the Review Requests page.


Overview of Course Request Review and Approval


This check box only appears if a student submitted a course request form. After you review the course request form, the check box disappears.


The date that the students were given access to the form


The date that the student submitted the course request form


The date that you reviewed and approved the course request form


The date that the office received the course request form


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