Grading: Create a New Grade Scale

Grade scales use cut-off value ranges to assign marking period and term grades based on the scores students have earned in all assignments, tests, or quizzes. You can create any number of grade scales as well as modify the default ones that come with the TeacherPlus Management Site. Keep in mind that the grades must be present in your school's AdminPlus grade table.

  1. Click Grading, and then click Add/Edit Course Grade Scales.
  2. Click Add Course Grade Scale.
  3. In the Add Grade Scale dialog box, enter the grade scale name.
  4. In the Grade column, enter the first grade beginning with the highest one, and press Enter.
  5. In the Cut-off Value column, type the cut-off value percentage, and press Enter. For example, the cut-off value for A could be 90 (that is, 90 to 100).
  6. Enter the remaining grades and cut-off values, and click Save when finished.

You can set any grade scale as the default by selecting the check box Default Course Grade Scale corresponding to the course.


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