TeacherPlus Management Site

With the TeacherPlus Management Site, administrators can fully customize TeacherPlus to meet the needs of their school, all from one central location at an enterprise level. This guide shows you how to use the Management Site to set up and maintain TeacherPlus according to your school’s preferences. Topics in this guide include: Grading: Create score categories (such as “homework” and “quiz”), create letter and/or number grade scales and assign them to courses, and set up weighting of semester and final averages. You can also control whether or not teachers can change weight settings. Scores: Add or edit score symbols and score annotations, and choose whether or not teachers can add their own annotations. Skills: Create and assign grade scales as well as choose how to calculate marking period skills grades. Gradebooks: View gradebooks as specific teachers, create user accounts, and lock or unlock gradebooks. Logs: Obtain logs for when teachers change scores, skills, marking and end term grades, and score columns and categories. You can also generate logs on IEP views. Reports: Generate reports related to attendance, grades, averages, scores, skills grades, comments, and narratives. Comments and Narratives: Select comment categories coming from AdminPlus, and enable teachers to add narratives to marking periods as well as control whether or not the information can be shared on PlusPortals. Other General tasks: Set up a new gradebook school year, set marking period start dates, select demographic fields, and change default column visibility for PlusPortals (and teachers’ ability to change this visibility). Some of these tasks require interaction with both the Management Site and AdminPlus. TeacherPlus Management Site integrates seamlessly with AdminPlus: Information is kept up-to-date between the two applications through the Sync Manager in AdminPlus, such as grades, skills, demographic information, and comments and narratives. This guide assumes you’re familiar with using AdminPlus, but it includes instructions for both applications whenever a task requires it.