Standards: Enable Standards

If your school intends to use standards for grading, you can track standards, set the default grade scale, and set the grade scale for individual courses.

Track Standards and Set the Default Course Grade Scale

  1. Click Standards > Enable Standards Based Grading.
  2. Under Track Standards, click Yes. Your selection will save automatically.
  3. For the course grade to be calculated from standards using rubric scores, under How to calculate course grades, click From Standards.

Set Standards Grade Scales for Individual Courses

  1. Click Standards > Enable Standards.
  2. Under Customize Individual Courses, click Customize Individual Courses.
  3. In the Customize Standards Settings for Individual Courses dialog box, do either of the following:
    • Individual: Next to the course you want to customize, select a grade scale from the Grade Settings  drop-down, and then click Yes.
    • Batch: Click Batch change selected courses. Select a grade scale from the drop-down, and then select the check box next to each course you want to customize. Click Apply Changes, and then click Yes.


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