Standards: Set Achievement Level Scales

An Achievement Level Table (ALT) contains the levels (grades) that teachers will use to measure students’ progress towards mastering indicators.

Set the Default Achievement Level Scale

  1. Click Standards > Achievement Level Scales.
  2. Next to the Achievement Level Scale used by the majority of courses using standards-based grading, click Set Default.
  3. To create a new Achievement Level Scale, do one of the following:
    1. Click Add, set the Lowest Level & Highest Level, set the rounding interval, click Next, and then click Save.
    2. To edit an Achivement Level Scale, click , and then proceed to step 4.
  4. In the Edit Achievement Level Scale dialog box, define the following settings for each Achievement Level


Setting Column



Achievement Level

The range and rounding interval set when the Achievement Level Scale was created.


Rubric Score

Select the check-box to set the numbers teachers can enter as a score.


Shortcut for Rubric Score

Enter a shortcut for entering each Rubric Score. (For example, 35 could be used for 3.5).


Traditional Score to Rubric Score

Set the percentage used to estimate the indicator scores based on the assignment score.

 Teachers can change the estimated indicator score as needed.


  Only used if the course grade is based on assignment scores with possible points.


Set the number used in calculations.


Cut-off for Rounding

Set a number at which a calculated value is rounded to an achievement level.


Course Grade Based on Standards

Enter the course grade to be used on report cards for courses assigned to the Course Grade comes from Standards grade scale.


AP Skill Grade Linked to Standards

Enter the skill grade to be used on report cards when standards have been linked to AP Skills using.



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