Gradebooks: Create a User Account

At some point, your school may need to have a staff member or supervisor access the gradebook(s) of one or more teachers, such as in the following example situations:

  • A department head needs to view the gradebooks of teachers in his or her department
  • A substitute teacher needs access to a teacher's gradebook(s)
  • The administration needs access to gradebooks but not to the TeacherPlus Management Site

Creating user accounts enables you to meet the different needs of these situations without requiring that the teacher disclose his or her user name and password. A user account doesn't need to be active in AdminPlus, and all that is needed to create one is a valid email address. Because user accounts have full access to a teacher's gradebook(s), instruct the users to be cautious when viewing them.

To create a user account, do the following:

  1. Click Gradebooks, and then click Create User Accounts.
  2. Click Add User.
  3. In the Add User Account dialog box, type an email for the user name, and enter the user's first and last name.

    Upon entering the user's email address, a temporary password for the user appears in Management Site Password. When the user logs in for the first time using this password, he or she will be prompted to change it.

  4. Select the Active check box.

  5. Click one of the access rights options.

    By default, new users have ready-only permission. To give a certain user full rights, you must select the Full access rights option.

  6. Do one of the following:
    • To give the user access to all teachers' gradebooks, click All.
    • To give the user access only to the gradebooks of a certain teacher(s), click Selected, click , and select the teacher(s).
  7. Do any of the following:
    • To give the user access to the Custom Report Library on the Management Site, select Gradebooks With Access Rights or All Gradebooks under Management Report Rights.

      The Custom Report Library is accessed on the Management Site via Reports > Custom Report Library. Users can perform average search queries for any quarters or gradebooks and generate reports. For more information on the Custom Report Library, see the topic Generate a Grade, Comment, or Narrative Report.

    • To allow the user to lock any gradebook grades by any teacher via the Management Site, select Lock/Unlock Gradebooks.

      Locking a gradebook usually comes into play at the end of a marking period. When grades have been submitted, administrators can choose to lock gradebooks to prevents teachers from making any further grade changes. For more information on locking gradebooks, see Lock Gradebook Grades.

    • To give the user access to the Logs section of the Management Site, select View Logs.
  8. Click Done.
  9. Provide the user with the TeacherPlus Management Site link, so that they can log in to the gradebooks they have been granted access to.

After completing the setup process, provide the user with the TeacherPlus Management Site URL, user name, and temporary password. When the user attempts to log in for the first time with the temporary password, he or she will be prompted to create a new one. After creating the new password, the user will then need to log in again.

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