Gradebooks: Lock Gradebook Grades

You can lock any number of gradebooks for a specific marking period as well as midyear or final exams or averages to prevent teachers from making changes after the grades have been received in AdminPlus. This feature is useful when grades have been submitted at the end of a term and you want to prevent teachers from making changes to the grades without prior approval.

  1. Click Gradebooks, and then click Lock/Unlock Gradebooks.
  2. Select a marking period, midyear grade/exam or final grade/exam.

    If you select a marking period or grade from the drop-down list, you can view when that score was calculated in the Calculated Date column.

  3. Select which gradebook(s) to lock.
  4. Click Lock All Selected at the top.

    If you lock a specific marking period, teachers won't be able to make any changes to assessment column grades, but midyear and final grades and exams are still be editable. Similarly, if you only lock a midyear or final grade or exam, standard assessment column grades can still be edited. If you want to lock all grades, make sure to lock a marking period, and then repeat the process for the midyear or final exam or grade(s).

  5. To unlock the gradebooks at a later time, repeat steps 1–3, and then click Unlock All Selected.

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