One Student: Contacts

The Contacts condensed view keeps the top tiles (Profile, Contacts, Daily Attendance, and Schedule) in view and displays  Contacts in table format underneath. Please refer to the diagram and table below for additional information about the features of the Contacts screen:

Edit features are only available if the AdminPlus Supervisor has requested edit from and has selected to edit Contacts in

One Student: Contacts
Contacts tab.
The Contacts Layout default is Default: One Student. The layout determines the columns and order. If you've created other contacts layouts in Administrator's Plus you can select them here.
Click the expand icon to see the expanded Contacts view which displays the student picture, name, and three selected demographic fields from the profile widget. The top tiles are hidden so more contacts can be viewed. Once expanded the screen will stay in that mode, to return to the condensed view click on the collapse icon.
Search on any field by clicking the column header. Click on Contains to toggle to Begins with.
Export to Excel.
Add New Contact allows you to add a new or an existing contact to the student.

For more information on adding a new contact, see Add a Contact.

Click ellipsis icon for more options.
Edit opens the Edit Contact screen.
Linked Students to see a list of the students the contact is linked to.
Delete will remove the contact from the Student's contact list.
Click the expand icon next to the Contact Full Name to open the View Contact screen.

Edit Contact

Students Linked to a Contact

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