AdminPlus Online Forms Release: March 4th, 2024

We've released some improvements and feature fixes for AdmissionsPlus. Highlights of this update include:

Embed Images in Page and Section InstructionsA feature was added that allows you to embed images directly into forms has been added.
Feature Fixes
Form Status UpdatesFixed an issue where a Form Resets to Ready to Submit
Date ConsistencyAn issue with the Form Published date displaying incorrectly has been fixed.
Form Charges AccuracyWe've correct an issue where amounts from previously filled out forms were appearing on new submissions.
Form PDF OrganizationPDF's were being generated with Pages, Sections and Questions out of order. This has been fixed.
Student Access in PlusPortalsFixed an issue that prevented parents from viewing forms published for the Scheduling Year.
Payment Record AccuracyAn issue that caused the students name to appear incorrectly in the payment records has been fixed.


Embed Images in Page and Section Instructions

We've introduced a convenient feature that allows you to directly embed images into forms without the hassle of hosting them externally. These images will be visible in the forms viewed by parents, enhancing clarity and visual appeal.

Feature Fixes

Form Status Updates

We've addressed a glitch where accessing an approved form would incorrectly revert its status to Not Submitted. Now, form statuses remain accurate, ensuring a smoother process for both parents and school administrators.

Date Consistency

An issue causing the Form Published date to display incorrectly has been rectified. Dates will now accurately reflect the most recent publication, eliminating confusion.

Form Charges Accuracy

We've eliminated a bug where amounts from previously filled forms were unintentionally added to new submissions. Now, only the choices made in the current form are calculated, ensuring financial accuracy.

Form PDF Organization

An issue that caused Form PDFs to be generated in a disorganized manner has been fixed. Forms will now print in the correct order of pages, sections, and questions, aiding in better document management.

Student Access in PlusPortals

We've resolved a problem preventing parents from viewing forms for the upcoming scheduling year when accessing their Online Forms account while logged in through PlusPortals. 

Payment Record Accuracy

An issue leading to inaccuracies in student names within payment records has been addressed. Both student and payer names will now be correctly documented, ensuring reliable records for all transactions.

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